Monday, May 2, 2011

Living Debt Free!!!

AH HA! I got ya! You probably think I was talking about finances! Well, okay. Maybe just a little. The freedom I'm describing goes way beyond just financial freedom. It goes beyond physical freedom. I am speaking of the freedom that comes only from deliverance. As Christians, you may be rolling your eyes at me right now because you've heard this spiel before. I want to say this before I continue: Religion ain't got nothin on this kind of freedom!
As I was praying last week God showed me so many things. He showed me my last post first which is why it got posted first. However, he then showed me this.
Jacob, Abraham's grandson through Isaac, after buying his brother's birthright/inheritance (everything God had promised Abraham and Isaac!) for a bowl of soup, ran to his maternal uncle's house for a place to hide. He positioned himself to be the father of God's chosen people and eventually was allowed a victory over an Angel of God! However, God showed me something so profound that I had to drop on my face and be still.
Jacob saw Rachel and began to work for her. He went into debt, not only to his uncle, but to his bride with the promise of marriage! He worked for 7 years because he had to have her!  Even after his uncle deceived him and gave him the wrong wife, he took another 7 years in order to get the one he wanted!
* How many of us would commit ourselves for that long for the sake of something we wanted? I know people who can't even finish a 3 year car loan before either trading up or going into default. Now just think about some serious lay away for a wife!
So, I'm reading about this part of Jacob's life thinking, yeah, I know. So he gets the girl in the end. Then God told me this. When you are in debt to someone, you are a slave to that person. You have tied yourself to them, willingly, until your debt is paid off. When you make a commitment, a promise, or a vow, you have gone into debt until that vow/commitment is complete.
I sat for a moment. Then the Holy Spirit began to open my eyes to the gravity of what that meant. You have tied yourself or made that person a "master" in your life. The Bible says "No one can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or else he will be loyal to the one and despise the other." (Matt. 6:24 NKJV)
Where am I going with this? I'll tell you.
God was saying this. Jacob could not get to the point where he could wrestle with the Angel, find favor with God, take a new name and become the father of the Israelites and for all intensive purposes, walk in his destiny, until he was free from everything and anything that could potentially tie him down. He had to be free from any soul ties and bad blood between relatives, free from his in-laws to move, free from financial strain so he could support his family, and so on.
Many of us are crying out to God to move us into our destiny, yet we don't want to deal with the debt that we've accumulated over the past. We expect God to just wipe it all away with our sin! That is not what the Bible teaches. He forgives our sin, but there is still the consequence that must be dealt with. Deliverance begins with confessing our sins. However, if we still owe a debt, that tie, chain, burden, and will follow us until it is paid!
God is saying, I can't be your master 100% until you are free from your old master, and you have to choose to be free. It's not like you can file bankruptcy from personal debt. For example, if someone has offended you, and you still harbor bitterness, unforgiveness, or simply can't look at them without going crosseyed and seeing red, you are soul tied to that person. You are serving those grudge "masters" and must be free from them before you can fully serve God!
God is still your father when you rise and when you fall, to all who call upon him. My point is, all of this talk about "It's your season" and "Time to walk into your destiny" is a complete farce if we haven't dealt with the spiritual debt that must be paid.
You cannot have destiny without deliverance! You cannot have debt and freedom!  Choose you this day, who you will serve!  And if you're not sure, ask God to show you because I promise, He will!