Saturday, August 25, 2012

Crossing the Threshold

It all started at the beginning.  The still small voice, the tug at your heart...  Do you remember the moment you knew that God was waiting for you?  Do you remember the beginning of the life-changing relationship you were about to begin with Jesus?  You may have prayed a prayer by yourself, with a friend, or in a church with a group of people who knew, just as you did, that Jesus was calling your name.  It may have been 40 years ago or 4 days ago, as a child, a teen, or an adult, but you remember when your heart was won over by the one who died for you and rose again to love you and be with you forever.

The journey began.  Down the road less traveled, you started to read your Bible and pray, talking with Him.  He brought you to different places, levels of understanding, knowledge of Him.  He opened your eyes to the vision of the Kingdom (Matthew 6:33) and you began to have purpose in Him and with Him.  The excitement grew.  You were hungry for more and ready to do ANYTHING He asked you to do. 

You’ve gone through so much in your life to get to this place.  There has been joy but there has also been pain.  There have been tests and testimonies, trials and triumphs, but with Him, you’ve gotten through them.  You have that feeling that all of it has been preparing you for something more, something great.  The purpose, the vision, the destiny He has called you to has not been completed.  You’re building up this great crescendo and God is going to do something amazing in your life!  But what?

Suddenly, thoughts begin to come in.  What more can I endure?  I’m still recovering from the last hurt.  There’s more to give?  God, what do you want me to do?  Where do I go now? 
The long road has led up to this…

Some of you are afraid of the change you are about to enter into.  You’ve gotten used to struggling for so long that now that the next dimension of your relationship lies before you, the door is opening and you hesitate to step over the threshold and into the next season.  Is it fear?  Fear of the responsibility?  Fear of failing?  Fear of succeeding?

There is a new level of God, right in front of us.  Like nothing ever seen before, as Joel 2 prophesies, “[God] will pour out [His] Spirit on all flesh” (v. 28).  Some of us are afraid because we know that it will require sacrifice to walk in a deeper connection with God.  So we hang on to what we have because it is predictably disappointing.  We have hung onto what we have for so long, and we know the results from numerous cycle completions.  However, stepping out in faith requires us to believe that there is something better and trust God that He has the best for us!

Some of us are afraid that we will have to do something more.  Whether it be preaching, teaching, praying over others, healing, or speaking prophetic words, we fear having to do something out of our comfort zone.  I want to remind you of Philippians 4:13 which says “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”  He is the one doing the mighty work through you (Phil. 1:6).  He wants to know, how desperate are you for more of Him?  What will you do to see more of Him in your life? 

There is a greater destiny awaiting us at the end of this journey.  The next journey is about to begin.  Are you ready to step across the threshold? 

I challenge you this week, seek God’s face.  This threshold is laid out before you, the entry way into something you’ve never experienced before is just beyond.  It will be an amazing journey but you have to walk through it!  You have to take the step in faith.  Prayer, study, and hearing God are crucial. 

I am praying for you as we all cross the threshold and I am excited to see God move in the awesome time! 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Ordered by God

I was praying about some friends of mine today, after having an exhilarating conversation with them about God and His purpose for us.  As I was praying over them, I could hear God say “I have plans for this one.”  I smiled all the way to my core knowing that God has a plan, not only for my friend but He has a plan for us all.  As I prayed over my friend, I began to ask God about a calling, about what it means to be called.  This is what God showed me!

Psalms 37:23 says “The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord, and He delights in his way.” (NKJV)  God showed me a restaurant, sitting there looking at the menu.  He said, “I ordered them and now I am waiting for them to be served!  I put it in you, called it out of you, I am maintaining you to sustain it, and in the end, it will all be for my glory.”
God is calling for us to serve his order!  This concept fascinates me because that means that the order has not been pre-made.  He knows that it is available because He won’t call for something that cannot be served.  BUT, we have to use the ingredients that He gave us to fill God’s call on our lives!
1 Corinthians talks about being tempted or tested.  God knows what you are capable of, even more than you do, because He made you!  He knows how you run and what’s under the hood.  He knows whether He can push you to 120mph or if He should keep you coasting at 40mph and when you’re ready to shift gears into a higher speed!  He can call that because He put it there in the first place!
Because He knows, He chooses who He wants, and what He wants out of them.  We know that God is a God of purpose and doesn’t make anything without a purpose or function.  Therefore, we can stand firm on Isaiah 55:11 which says “So shall My word be that goes forth from My mouth;  It shall not return to Me void, but it shall accomplish what I please, and it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it.”  He knew what he wanted before He ordered and will get what He called for and will bless and prosper it!
So what does all of this mean for us?  This means that when God calls you to a project, a task, a gifting, a work, or even something simple as a momentary action, He expects us to fill His order.  He has also promised that it will be blessed and prosper!  His call cannot fail!
The call that God has placed on your life may not come out immediately, because we know that everything has a season.  However, His promises will come to pass!  He has a plan a purpose for each of us.  Within the plan is fulfillment, joy, blessing, and peace!  It all starts with a relationship with Him.  Talking with Him and allowing Him to show you what’s “under your hood”.  Only the maker can tell you what components you have and what they’re there for! 
I challenge you this week to open yourself up to God and let Him tell you who you were created to be and what He is ordering from your life!  God bless you as you seek Him first!