Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Why Are These Stones Here?

Joshua 4:1-7 (NKJV)
“And it came to pass, when all the people had completely crossed over the Jordan, that the Lord spoke to Joshua, saying: 2 “Take for yourselves twelve men from the people, one man from every tribe, 3 and command them, saying, ‘Take for yourselves twelve stones from here, out of the midst of the Jordan, from the place where the priests’ feet stood firm. You shall carry them over with you and leave them in the lodging place where you lodge tonight.’”
4 Then Joshua called the twelve men whom he had appointed from the children of Israel, one man from every tribe; 5 and Joshua said to them: “Cross over before the ark of the Lord your God into the midst of the Jordan, and each one of you take up a stone on his shoulder, according to the number of the tribes of the children of Israel, 6 that this may be a sign among you when your children ask in time to come, saying, ‘What do these stones mean to you?’ 7 Then you shall answer them that the waters of the Jordan were cut off before the ark of the covenant of the Lord; when it crossed over the Jordan, the waters of the Jordan were cut off. And these stones shall be for a memorial to the children of Israel forever.””

September 13th of this year, I had the honor of accompanying my parents to the 40th anniversary of the church that launched my father into ministry.  Maranatha Chapel in Chicago, Illinois was planted 40 years ago by Stone Church (also in Chicago) which was where my father accepted Jesus as Lord of his life!  As I prayed, God showed me some things that, at the time, I didn’t quite understand but felt the magnitude of what it meant for us.

In prayer, the Holy Spirit showed me that this trip was significant in that we were going back to our roots, to where it all began so that it would come full circle and that the “baton” would be passed on to me and my husband, Joe to continue the work of evangelism.  I was excited to be able to step into the shoes that have gone miles for the Kingdom of God.  

The service and banquet was amazing and I loved meeting people who have known me since I was a baby and have influenced our lives tremendously!  Pastor Warner preached the message of Joshua 4, “What are these stones here for?”  I thought it was a great message and took it to heart but didn’t completely understand it’s magnitude until this week.  My parents were taking us to our family’s pile of stones and showing us what God had begun in the Knapczyk/Runion family line.

This week, a month and a half later, I completed training in Dallas, Texas as a Missionary in Process with Time to Revive.  The Sunday before departing for Dallas, one of our pastors at First Assembly, Fort Wayne (Pastor Josh) preached Joshua 3 & 4, resting on Joshua 4:1-7!  Not a coincidence but a reminder to pay attention to what God is trying to show us!  I believe He shouts His messages to us so that we can see Him clearly!  Well this was another time that I got excited but forgot about it again, soon after.  

In Dallas we had a lot of information shot at us like a machine gun.  There was planning, training, coaching, and a lot of new names and faces to love and pray for in this new family.  On Saturday, there was a change of plans from the original itinerary.  We all hopped in the cars and headed for Gaston Ave.  This is the original sight of the 40 days of prayer that took place in a 6,000 sq. ft. tent during a torrential down-pour which flooded the field, which birthed Time to Revive in 2006.  As Kyle Martin (founder of Time to Revive) was talking about what had happened those 40 days, God began to speak to me about the stones that were here (spiritually, not physically).  These are Kyle’s stones and the stones that mark what I did then to remind you who birthed all of this.  I pulled up Joshua 4 and shared what the Lord had placed on my heart.  We were led by Kyle to do a prayer walk around the property and as I walked, I found a stone to add to the ones I had received in Chicago to serve as a reminder of where our predecessors have come from.

The next stop was a picture of where God is taking us.  In March of 2016, we will begin #reviveDALLAS!  What is the heart of Dallas?  The State Fair! 

We saw really awesome things as we entered the park, such as the pillar at the entrance, the 10 Commandments monument, as well as the Olympic fountains and statues erected for the Dallas Olympic bid a few years ago.  We stopped in front of the long pool of fountains and was directed to do another prayer walk and head towards the entrance of the Cotton Bowl.  It was at that time that I walked towards the Vietnam Memorial area of the park.  I was under a remodel and mostly the ground was torn up but on the ground were pallets of piled stones!  They were all around the fountain and just waiting to be used!  It was a magnificent thing to see after hearing for the past month and a half about the stones that have been laid.  I felt the Lord say, “These are the stones that you will lay for your children to see as you step into what God is doing in your life and in the ministry of Time to Revive as you build and work for My Kingdom.” 

As we went on, we were (by the grace and favor of God) able to enter the cotton bowl and have a mini praise and worship session, in the entrance, in the bleachers, and on the field!!!  All while a bunch of people were setting up for the Indian/Hindu festival of Diwali (festival of lights), we were peacefully singing the praises of Jesus Christ.  We were not stopped or asked to leave.  In fact, some of us were asked why we were there as we were leaving.  I simply responded that most of us are from Indiana and had never seen this before!  They welcomed us and we thanked them for their warm welcome!!!

All of this was confirmation after confirmation of God’s plan for our lives and fuel to launch is into it!

Thank you to everyone who has supported and prayed for us as we begin this amazing journey as missionaries to Indiana, the United States, and the world!

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